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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Coming out of the "cold" haze

Today Stuart and I are finally turning the corner with our colds. Last night was a rough one-as Stuart was up for an hour coughing. Sitting in front of the steaming shower and a teaspoon of honey helped and he finally went back to bed. Phew. I felt so bad for the little guy.

This morning I woke up zapped, but went to my spin class anyhow. I taught the class off my bike and walked around and swept as I taught. Thats the great thing about teaching indoor cycling classes-as long as you can count to the beat off the bike, you don't have to be on it to teach. I've never done a class like that before. The 3 people in my class didn't seem to mind and they all got a decent workout, and I felt good about not overexerting myself today.

The snow is so gorgeous outside and part of me wanted to go for a small ski this afternoon. But I still wasn't feeling 100% so instead I made bread in the breadmaker then nursed Stuey to sleep in my arms in the recliner as I looked out over the ocean. I was very happy with my decision to not ski! The day turned out quite well.

Patrick took Nora sledding this afternoon. Many squeals of delight from her as he pulled her up and down the hill. Simple pleasures.


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