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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nora Word of the Week - YoYoYao

Nora Word of the Week - YoYoYao or Yogurt

YoYoYao is a noun that means yogurt. When Nora says the word she runs all the sounds together in an elided drawl. The word was actually one of Nora's first words, and she used it regularly before she was one whenever we gave her yogurt. But for some reason she stopped using the word. Recently, after she watched a home video of her first year she started to use the word again - imitating herself! However, she uses it in a slightly different way. A year ago she used the word after we had already brought her the yogurt. Now she uses the word to demand yogurt from the fridge.

The photo is of Nora with her daycare pals having a snack after their nap. Zoya is envious of my getting to pick up Nora at daycare. And yesterday she asked me what Nora's usually doing when I get there to pick her up - so I showed her this photo that I just happened to have taken when I picked her up. Nora obviously has a good time with the girls at daycare, but she always squeals when she sees me. Sometimes she looks out the window and sees the truck arrive and by the time I get inside she is already putting on her boots and jacket. Patrick

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