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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Coming to My Senses

Cooking is a true hobby for me. When I first met Patrick, my basic meal was sesame chicken. I knew that recipe by heart. I would make it for any occasion possible.

In fact, when Patrick and I broke up for a couple months during the time we were dating, I started dating someone else. My residence was just two houses down from Patrick, however. I decided to make my new beau my sesame chicken but discovered I didn't have the sesame seeds necessary at the house I was housesitting. So I trotted over to Patrick to borrow the jar of sesame seeds which I knew were in his spice drawer. He and I chatted for a few minutes and I returned to the house with sesames in hand.

Patrick and I still laugh about that today. He says... "Zoya, remember when you were dating J___ and you came over to borrow sesames to make your sesame chicken recipe for him?". Its quite funny now as I look back at it.

Nonetheless, cooking is a tie that binds Patrick and I-we both have a passion for trying new flavors and recipes. He has been a sport lately with my blended soups....hes not a big blended soup guy-I've discovered.

I've come to my senses!


Preparing carrots for blended carrot soup...2 nights ago.


Our Little Family: said...

Zoya, what do you meam by "blended" soup? Vickie

The Spin Studio said...

Hi Vickie!!

This means putting it in the blender or food processor. :) Makes it smooth, like tomatoe soup!


Anonymous said...

Oh! Like puree. I get it now. Yummy, I like soup. And, it sounds perfect for the weather you all are having. LOL, I just thought of the soup nazi on Seinfeld.