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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shades of Grey

WARNING this is a snow report. If you do not ski you may find the post boring. You may want to simply enjoy the photo and not read further.

Today I climbed up Pyramid and went alpine skiiing for the first time in 3 1/2 weeks. It's not that I have not been skiing - I've gone skiing practically every day (missed only 2 days actually) - it's just that I have been cross country skiing down low. It was nice to climb up Pyramid for a change. There is a lot more snow up there than when I last went (check the archives for 'Kodiak Pow Pow').

It rained and snowed yesterday, but the temperature plummeted today. So the cross country skiing would have been icy. I'll try skate skiing on the crust tomorrow. On Pyramid the bottom part of the mountain was breakable crust (NOT good skiing), but above 1700 feet there was a solid soft crust. Some powder blowing around, and in the north bowl it was actually quite good skiing - 2-3 inches of blown-in powder on top of the soft crust. Still until we get some new snow up high, I think I'll stick to the skate skiing. Patrick

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