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Sunday, February 17, 2008

From the Archives- Terror Lake 2001

Today another storm rolled in, and it's been rain, snow and high winds. I hate to admit it, but Alisa is right (see her comment below under the 'Kodiak Seasons' post) it is hard to take a beautiful photograph of sideways rain and sleet. The storm is doing wonderful things for our snow pack, but it is not pretty outside!

So to keep things interesting I'm posting some summertime pictures from the Archives. On Labor Day 2001 Paul Zimmer, John Mahoney and I took our mountain bikes to the head of Kizhuyak and biked to Terror Lake on the dam access road. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the road, but it is fine to make your way up the road under your own power.

The first part of the trip is a hellishly steep set of switchbacks during which you climb 2500 feet to the alpine. I imagined myself on the Alpe d'Huez in the Tour De France. But once up to 2500 feet it was a fairly easy ride to the lake. Felt more like riding in Scotland than Kodiak (not that I've ever gone biking in Scotland). Wildflowers, snow and blue skies. Then on the return we had to negotiate the steep switchbacks again. I lived in fear that my brakes would burn out!

Photos: John and Paul with their bikes on the beach at the head of Kizhuyak Bay. Paul on the go on the road on the way to the lake. John and Paul with Terror Lake in the background. Patrick

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