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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

First Caucus

Yesterday I went to my first caucus. I gather a lot of Kodiak brethren also went for the first time because the place was packed. I had to wait in line 20 minutes just to register as a Democrat (I was 'undeclared') and get inside. And everybody did not fit in the space chosen for the caucus. I gather that four years ago about 18 people showed up - this election year over 200 people showed up. Needless to say, but we could not physically move into little groups according to the candidate of our choice (the usual caucus practice). We had to go outside and then get counted as we re-entered thru the particular door designated for our candidate.

I must admit, to my chagrin, I thought caucuses only happened in Iowa. It was quite the social scene. Practically everyone I know in Kodiak was there, and everyone was talking politics. It was much more fun than just voting in a booth. And none of the secrecy that comes with the anonymous voting booth. Everyone had to be quite upfront about who they sided with, and, of course, this meant that you had to be able to explain your reasons. I think it got everybody there excited about the election season, and we certainly heard everyone else's views. I look forward to my next caucus!

Photos: In the top photo we are getting welcomed to the caucus - note the people still waiting to come in the door. In the other photo Nora eats triscuits in her den with the dog. The dogs tend to be far more tolerant of Nora when she is brandishing triscuits.

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Amy of Colorado said...

Sounds like a great time. All of us had a nasty virus so we opted to stay at home rather than expose all the local Democrats to our germs in the crowded caucus room. I was grumpy all day because I wanted our voices heard too...