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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Marias' Mother Blessing Shower

Today was Marias' Mother Blessing shower, held here at the house with 14 ladies-(3 of whom are pregnant and due in the same week in April! Wow!! Katie St. John, Marias and Christina Ball. What was going on in July?? Rainy weather perhaps... :)

The shower began with food and chatting in the kitchen then moved to the living room to help share stories and inspiration for Marias as she prepares for the birth of her baby. Many thoughtful sentiments were said as people joined in the ceremony of giving Marias a bead and explaining why they chose that bead for her. Many of the beads had to do with Kodiak, the ocean, nature, womanhood. The beads were strung into a necklace for Marias to remember and rejoice in the strength and love of her fellow female friends in Kodiak.

Marias' in-laws in Hawaii sent a wonderful assortment of beautiful beads with a note that said,
"...we had such a hard time picking out just 1 bead for your necklace. Every bead that we fell in love with seemed to scream out, "Pick, me! Pick, Me! I want to be on a birth necklace!!".
Isn't that fun?!
It was so nice to have the presence of her mother, sister and husbands family present with us today, even though they are in Montana and Hawaii.

I first met Marias at the pool when I took Nora swimming for aquatots. I think Nora was only 4 or 5 months old at the time and Marias and I hit it off instantly. We had many of the same parenting philosophys (regarding breastfeeding, co-sleeping) as well as the fact that we really enjoyed talking. I always find myself laughing with Marias and she can always put a positive twist on things. Our first kids are the same age within a few weeks and the first year was filled with phone calls back and forth about sleepless nights, teething difficulties, temper tantrums and all the other turmoils which fill the minds (and days) of first time parents.

Laughter and tears flowed, sometimes both at the same time, as we also did a candle ceremony. Each person lit a candle and talked about their blessings for Marias' birth and any other birth stories people wanted to share. Everyone took their candle home and after Marias has her baby, we will all light the candles at our own homes to celebrate the hours following the birth of Marias' baby.

Marias is leaving town this May with her family to New Mexico. Her husband is in the Coast Guard and they are being transferred. We know that she will be forever in our hearts and we will await her return to Kodiak someday. What an amazing person she is and what a beautiful family she has.


-Libby Eufemio and Marias
-Katie St. John telling us the small beads she gave Marias are a reminder of all the women all over the world who will be having a baby at the same time as her (10,000!!!). SO COOL!
-Marias holding up her birthing necklace with all the unique, memorable beads on it.
-Teresa Langford after she has lit her candle.
-Christina Ball laughing as she celebrates the moment of lighting her candle.

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Mary said...

It looks like it was a great time. Thanks for the kind email.