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Sunday, February 24, 2008

February Snow Day

This afternoon Mother Nature presented us with a wonderful treat-sunny weather, cool crisp conditions for a ski up Pyramid. I haven't been downhill skiing in almost a year and I don't believe I"ve ever gone skiing this early in the winter. Usually I only ski in April, May and June in Kodiak-when the snow is easier...we call the term "corn snow".

We went up the backside of Pyramid Mountain which was a treat for me because I've never been up the back side. At the parking lot we met up with Philip and Adelia (by chance!!) so we all went up together. The backside of Pyramid has entirely different views and a whole different feel than the front side of Pyramid. I rather enjoyed it-and we trekked up the mountain all the while catching up a bit with Philip and Adelia. They were going up to snowboard.

The snow had a thick, deep feel to it, which took some serious strength in the legs and control of the skis. Patrick was very positive and encouraging that I would do fine-and I did...aside from one little was quite funny actually!!!

(Patrick leaves early tomorrow morning for Anchorage for a conference-we'll meet him over there on Saturday and on Sunday we'll do the 25 K classic ski Tour of Anchorage ski race together. Skiing today was a nice chance for he and I to have a moment away together before he heads off tomorrow morning!)


-Patrick and I enjoying the day together
-Patrick and I caught enjoying fritos together on the mountain. YUM YUM YUM! Good source of fat just when you need it!
-Me skiing down
-Me hiking along the edge of a small canyon. Slow and steady. :)
-Philip and Adelia getting ready to head further up to have a day of snowboarding!

No ski lifts in Kodiak! We put skins (like fake fur which grips the snow) on our skis and hike up the mountain. :) The going up part is actually just as fun as going down, believe it or not!

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Our Little Family: said...

Zoya, looks like fun. I will never forget when you and Patrick were dating and Patrick said it was a "sign" you two were to get together because you wore the same size ski equipment! LOL