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Monday, January 28, 2008

Morning Catamaran Sail

This morning MJ and I enoyed a morning catamaran sail. The boat pulled up on the beach and took us to a small reef where we went snorkeling for almost an hour. After a few minutes of snorkeling, I took the mask off and just floated in the water. Toes in the air, relaxing on my back-I soaked in the view of Diamond Head in the distance and had fun splashing in the water. Sea turtles floated around us and we were in the thick of a school of fish.
After snorkeling, we enjoyed lunch on the boat with the 4 other guests and crew. The other guests were a group of Australian gals-all with a great sense of humor. The hour that followed lunch was a sail along the coast-big winds provided lots of speed as well as ocean spray to keep us laughing! The crew talked about how they were "freezing" but it was quite warm! At least for us Alaskans...

MJ and I determined that a future Hawaii visit must entail surf lessons. We saw several surf lessons in progress-both on the beach and on the water. We asked out catamaran guide about it and he said he teaches surfing as well. Also, he remarked, "we guarantee you'll ride at least one wave standing or else you get your money back..." Quite a guarantee, I must say!!


PHOTO is of Stuey-in front of the hotel waterfall-taken by Krissy while MJ and I were sailing.

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