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Friday, January 04, 2008

Daycare Days

This week nora began day care at Miss. Shannon's house. When I dropped her off on the first day, she gave me an "air kiss" good bye and had a great time with her new friends (Isabella, Maya, Tasha, Christa, Eilidh, Avery...). I went to work thrilled that she wasn't crying when I left. 

 That evening, I would talk about her going to Shannon's house and she would break out into a chorus of "Booooiee" with fists to her cheeks (her sign for more!!! for more info-see Nora word of the week....mid december). Day care is a big hit with her.  I'm working 12 hours a week at the clinic...just enough to remind how much I LOVE being a physical therapist. Thank heavens for flexible work hours-being home with the kids is even more rewarding after a few hours away. 
Stuey  is dropped off with Audra while Nora is at Shannons and he is thrilled with the one-on-one attention Audra showers on him. 

Today Nora got to ride in Patrick's truck for the first time and boy was she thrilled! Patrick said that she loved being able to look out the window and wanted to play with the radio, vents, etc...As you can see in the photo, Nora was trying to play with the door. Obviously its time to find out where the child safety lock is on his truck!!! 

Oh-and Ella-yes thats correct- there is NO binky in her mouth...  :) 

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My Little Family: said...

So glad to see Patrick finally got a new truck :) Vickie