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Thursday, January 17, 2008

From the Archives - Karluk 1985

Yup - that's me, Karluk 1985, my first time in Alaska.  It was the summer after my freshman year of college and I got a job on the Bryn Mawr Archaeological Project in Karluk.  It's funny to think that when this photo was taken Zoya was 9 and living in Kodiak. 

That Summer I got my first taste of Alaska, and somehow or other ended up living here permanently.  Living in Karluk I got pretty tired of eating salmon and to this day I still can not eat smoked salmon.  The people who ran the project had a pretty tight budget for food and we literally ate salmon  for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  At first I REALLY like smoked salmon and ended up buying 10 whole smoked reds attached by the tail.  I chew the skins like bubble gum.  After about the 7th fish in maybe 5 days I developed a severe aversion to anything smoked that is still with me to this day.  And I must admit I'm still not all that wild about salmon either, especially if it is overcooked and dry.

Part of my job as curator at the Alutiiq Museum is to take care of the collection we excavated that summer.  Occasionally, I have run across my old field notes scribbled in the rain on a very dirty piece of lined paper.  I even discovered that my original application with attached vita for the project still exists in the project documentation.  All typed up with a manuel type writer and the mistakes corrected with whiteout.  It makes me look even younger than this picture. Patrick


Anonymous said...

OMG Patrick, you look like a baby! So young! At first I thought it was a photo of you ravaged by the virus. LOL Vickie

Kodiakbear said...

Such a little cutie you were!