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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dinner out and Stuey and the Sun Goddesses

Mary Jane insisted on taking me to a nice restaurant, Bali, for a 7 course meal-and boy am I glad she insisted! The restaurant looked out onto the water and had such a relaxing ambiance. Included in the meal was eggplant ravioli, veal, albalone, foie grois (MJ's FAVORITE!!) 4 different wines, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate... It was the type of meal where we would take a bite, stop somewhat breathless, enjoy every morsel of flavor, discuss it, have a sip of wine and repeat. The "wine guy" would come by and explain all the wines and their relation to the food to us. It was heavenly.
At the end of the meal they brought mini chocolate molded "diamond head" to our table on a bed of dried ice. In the diamond head was a chocolate truffle for each of us. After we finished the truffle, the "wine guy" kindly pounded our diamond head in a napkin to produce small pieces of yummy chocolate. The whole scene was quite funny-him pounding away on the chocolate at the empty table next to us.

We chatted and laughed the night away--two and half hours passed before we knew it and when we arrived back to the room Krissy and Stuey were sound asleep.

MJ and Krissy are sun goddesses. They were out in the sun every moment possible (well, almost every moment). They got darker and darker and darker by the day. I was worried that by the end of the trip I wouldn't recognize them!
On the otherhand, Stuey and myself are more fair skinned so we stayed out of the sun-only taking brisk trips to a shady area outside. I think what got me thinking about the intensity of the sun was words spoken from Sephora (the skin care shop at the mall) cosmetics girl....her words rung through my head...
"...oh-yes-sun damage starts occuring to the skin within 12 minutes after exposure..." Perhaps I took it too literally-she was trying to sell a good facial sunscreen, afterall. I couldn't help but look at Stuey's pure skin and not want those horrible damaging rays on him. Plus, I knew that on the beach he would only sit there and eat the sand. Maybe when he's walking I'll see the point in lathering him up in sunblock for a few hours on the beach.

Top: MJ and Zoya enjoying their trio of desserts during dinner at Bali's.
Middle: No, Mary Jane is NOT smoking! The steam is the dried ice coming from the chocolate diamond head! By the time the photo was taken, the truffles which sat in the volcano crater were long gone into our tummies. :)
Bottom: Stuey and the Sun Goddesses on the hotel balcony.

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