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Friday, January 25, 2008

The Home Front

Not everyone wants to go to Hawaii.  Nora, the dogs and I are quite happy here on Kodiak.  You'd need a butter knife to get these limpets off the rock.  Who wants to sweat like a pig in high heat? The lakes are perfect for skate skiing, and Nora is happy to have the house to herself and her 'groovy girls'.  No Stuart about to act like the 'Stay Puff Marshmellow Man' on her dollhouse (hark back to 'Ghostbusters': Stu acts out the part wonderfully, crashing things around and throwing Nora's dolls here and there - he even chews on her toy lamps - of course there is no reasoning with him).

We do miss Zoya and Stu, but we muddle along.  Nora has Daddy all to herself, and the dogs are loving the freedom of a much larger bed.  Nora has turned the whole house into her doll house.  Patrick

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