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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kristine and Jeremy are Married!

Today I married Kristine Jepson to Jeremy Seteroff. 

Kristine was a babysitter for our family for a year, she started right after Nora was born. She was so great with Nora and is just a wonderful person in general. So easy going, intelligent and very caring. We took her with us to Costa Rica and boy was she a trooper with helping with Nora and travelling with us. 

Krissy decided to marry Jeremy several months ago and she asked me to marry them. I said, "Yes-of course!" and didn't think too much of it for several months. Last week when I went to get my "Marriage Commissioner" certificate, it dawned on me how serious this all was. (Sidenote: I thought I could only "marry" someone once in Alaska but the court girl said I could marry as many couples as I wanted. Laws of this sort are pretty easy going in Alaska due to the remoteness of villages. Pretty Cool.)
I would be the one to verify their vows together and their parents and grandparents would be there to witness as well....what a big moment in their life! I know my own wedding and vows are with me every day. 

The wedding today couldn't have gone smoother. We had a fire going in the fireplace (Krissy's great idea!!), about 15 people gathered in chairs, Krissy was GORGEOUS and Jeremy's family was just delightful. 

As I read through the service, I took my time with reading it, trying to hold on to every word. The service was so short that I wanted to enjoy it with them for as long as possible. The vows came, then the rings, unity candle, blessing and I was the first one to introduce them as Mr. and Mrs. Seteroff. So cool!!

Being a marriage commissioner is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. Or at least for plain people like me. I was so honored to do the service and am so proud of Krissy and Jeremy. They were a beautiful couple. Jeremy was quite nervous the days preceeding the ceremony and I could tell today after the service how a big weight was lifted off his shoulders! Krissy was so herself, even in her wedding dress. She was picking up her brothers and sisters and carrying them around like it was nothing. 

And now they are off to great places-together. 


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Anonymous said...

Great job Zoya! Vickie