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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mary Jane has Taken up Skiing

This winter, my best friend Mary Jane has taken up skiing!  She never before skiied in her life. One pair of cross country skiis later, she is skiing up a storm with Patrick and I on lakes and on the golf course. 

We went to Ft. Abercrombie Lake (Lake Gertrude) yesterday and did many laps. Many Jane cruises right along and is learning so quickly. I'm impressed with how quickly she is picking it up! She glides right along. It has been fun to have a female friend to go with, and I can see us doing a lot more skiing together this winter. Fortunately her boss lets her work flexible hours so she can sneak out a few minutes early while it is still light out. 

Skiing makes winter SO FUN!!!


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theresa, fritz and owen said...

Hi Zoya,
I have discovered your blog through comments I leave on Katie's blog. So, I see that you are a XC skiier. I love XC skiing but have yet to find some girlfriends to go with. If you feel like company in the future give me call and I would love to go. Theresa