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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Third Helpings

Guest room ready for summer visitors.
Piggyback with Justin!

British Soccer Camp coaches Sam (left) and Sean (right).

A month ago I was putting the final touches on cleaning out our back large guest room. For much of the winter, it was covered in laundry, papers, blankets and books. With our friend Justin coming for a 3 week archaeology stay, it was time to clear it out. This room holds a soft spot in my heart, as it was our bedroom before our house was added onto. I'm pretty sure Nora was conceived on that bed and I've always slept well in there with the high lofty wood ceiling.
The wood lulls me to sleep.

After I put the finishing touches with the blankets and towels on the bed, I snapped a picture. It felt so good to have it all ready to be lived in and loved again this summer by friends.

Irish and British accents graced our house for a week with the recent stay of two british soccer camp coaches. This was our second year hosting coaches and they were as lovely as always! Very considerate, appreciative and up for trying new things. They had never had red beans and rice before, or king salmon, or deer roast... so many firsts and I was impressed with their wilingness to try the many new flavors. Even though the guys spoke english, it was at times hard to understand when they spoke to eachother because of the strong accents mixed with quick speed of talk. Its so fun to be around foreign languages again.

Patrick cooked Sam and Sean  Yorkshire pudding with deer roast one night and fish/chips with yellow curry another night. Both were a bit hit with them. They had hearty second and third helpings of food.



Alphie Soup said...

The guest room is lovely; rooms lined with wood always feel warm and if and when the sun shines on the wood they are wonderful.


Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Thank you, Alphie! Yes, so true about the beauty of sunshine on wood. Two earthly elements which go so well together. :) Zoya