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Friday, August 26, 2016

Lisa's Deer

On day 2 we had expected to wake up to hard rain and high winds (as forecast), and were pleasantly surprised on arising to discover good hunting weather - a  high overcast with a brisk breeze.  Not that we expected it to stay that way and after a quick breakfast we hurried out of camp before the weather could change her mind.  It was time to get Lisa her deer.

The wind and weather had all the deer in the bushes or migrating to the lee of the mountains.  We watched a bachelor group of 5 bucks walk across the face of a mountain heading for the cliffs in the lee where they would be out of the wind.  They certainly knew about the coming storm.

So that's where we headed - into the cliffy and brushy side of the mountain.  We found where 2 of the bucks had bedded down on top of a cliff, and had to make sure it was not too sheer below the cliff before Lisa shot.  We wanted to make sure we could retrieve the deer.

Lisa shot the deer perfectly and it started to rain while we cut up the deer.  We just beat the storm back to camp.  Within a 1/2 hour after our arrival back at camp it was raging outside the teepee.  We lit the woodstove and hunkered down.  Patrick

Lisa shot from the knoll above her head to the top of the steep slope break on the left horizon

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