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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fall Time

"I don't want to be bald" Stuey says as we sit in Hairmasters and his haircut begins.

The hairstylist and I laugh together as she re-assures him he won't be bald. Its the beginning of the school year haircut-one of the many final details to take care of before the first day tomorrow.
It feels good to laugh, as many of these beginning of the school year details feel especially exhausting this year. Get school supplies from Walmart. Back to school open house. Nora haircut. Stuey haircut.
Order school uniforms.

In the grand scheme of things, I suppose this list isn't that much, but it just felt extra tiring to get it all done  this year.

Last weekend Patrick returned from a glorious hunt and had what looks like lovely pictures.

"Hon, I'll admit-I just need a couple of hours by myself in the wilderness before I can get excited to look at those pictures." For whatever reason, this year I'm envious of time sleeping by the moon light and waking up to amazing sunrises. I can't help but long for the chance to have a few chunks of free hours to do that.

Tomorrow the kiddos will walk through the threshold of the doors to school and I look forward to time.

Tonight Nora called up her fellow girl scout, F., who is transferring to St. Mary's tomorrow. I smiled as I listened to the excitment in Nora's voice on the phone.

"Do you want to play on the playground with me tomorrow?" Nora asked F.
I smiled and knew that her friend on the other end of the phone was probably so relieved to hear this offer. The first day playground dilemmas. 

So glad Fall is finally here. 


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