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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Happy 11th Nora!

Last weekend Nora turned 11! With 4 of her girlfriends present for the day, we piled into the Nissan for an out-the-road birthday.

First stop was base pizza parlor for pizza and beverages. Nora initiated a "Cheers" with their Peace Teas. They all smiled and toasted together.

Then base park for some quick jungle gym time.

Then onto Leta House~a slice of heaven on Kodiak.

Leta house is an art studio owned by Natalie Tiereny. She does art projects with kids and adults and for Noras birthday she had the materials prepped for little felt hand-sewn purses.

The girls picked out their fabrics, thread color and got right into making their bags! They spent close to an hour sewing and Natalie so patiently helped them re-thread their needles as needed.

After the bags were done, we sang happy birthday to Nora with candles atop a still warm blueberry pie. Yes,  indeed-it was a mad scramble to make the pie before leaving for bells flats in the morning!

The birthday was one of my favorites-most relaxing party ever. Natlie played ballet music on the record player while the girls sewed. The weather was 64 and sunny. It couldn't have been a more fun, relaxing day.

Happy 11 to my spunky, fun, adventurous daughter.


Say cheers!

modeling the completed bags

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Alphie Soup said...

Happy birthday Nora - it seems like only yesterday that you reached double figures. The felt purse making looks like a whole lot of fun.