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Thursday, August 25, 2016

First Day of School

Stuey doing the fake "gag" at me having my arm around him.

Say "first day!"

My friend Kristine texted this photo at lunch time~I like the place cards for first day lunch!
 This morning started off with excitment-and with some anxiety as Stuey scrambled to find the right uniform pieces for a his first day at school. There has been a shift in the uniform rules from last year so we dug through his pile to see if we had the right pieces. Nonetheless, it transpired in some mild panic, as I tried to scrub out light dirt stains on a potential white shirt for him to wear. In the end it all worked out and Stuey was ok with the uniform he had on and I made note of what I need to order.

A few minutes later the kids were outside and counting down the minutes until we left for school. Nora informed Patrick and I that photo time was from 7:30-7:40 and no later. In years past we have done it too close to departure time and it brings stress to Nora.

As I walked the kids into St. Mary's holding a bag of school supplies, I looked down and saw the sweet little benches in the entry way and the teachers were in the lobby welcoming families. Tears welled up inside and by the time we got to Miss Schmitts classroom (where both Nora and Stuey are), the tears flowed.

Ms. Schmitts' classroom is home. Its so familiar, warm, inviting. This is Nora's 4th year with her and Stuey's 3rd year. I had a sense of bringing my kids home to her for another year of learning.

Filled with a sense of love, excitement,  gratitude, I gave Miss. Schmitt a hug and went downstairs to join two friends for tea and banana bread.

They are at home, I am at home.
A new fall rhythm and schedule begins.


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