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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Summer Goodbyes

Marias and I chillin' and grillin!

This summer has been full of many goodbyes. Too many, really.
Nora's good friend Natalie moved to Anchorage in June.
Then my BFF Marias moved to California after a 3 year Kodiak Coast Guard tour. I first met Marias 11 years ago during an earlier Kodiak tour and she and I are dear friends. Somehow time or distance doesn't interrupt our laughter, tears and connection with eachother.

I recently found out another close friend, Erica, is moving in a month. A lot of loss, change to adjust to this summer.


Clara (front purple) is in my girl scout troop...this was her goodbye scout outing. We watched whales from Abercrombie beach while eating popcorn.

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