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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sunsets and Moonrises

This past weekend Lisa, Gregg and I went for an alpine camping and deer hunting trip.  On Friday evening we took a floatplane ride to an elevated lake and set up camp.  Since we did not have to carry our camp on our backs up the mountain we could afford to bring along a fairly luxurious camp. 

It was a glorious evening and after we set up camp we had dinner and glassed the hillsides for deer.  The sunset was spectacular!  And at one point we even saw a huge buck silhouetted on the cliffs against the sunset.  It got all our blood pumping.

And then after the sun set a full moon rose in an equally spectacular fashion.  The moon was so bright that I could take pictures outside with no artificial light.  Even inside the teepee there was no need for flashlights.  At one point in the night I went outside and the moon was a ball perched on the very top of the mountain - it reminded me of the symbol on a dollar bill.

The bright moonlight is not so good for hunting.  When there is a full moon the deer tend to stay up all night feeding and then go to bed early in the morning.  So we set our alarms early!

Moonlit shadows on the inside of the teepee

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