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Friday, August 19, 2016

Summer doings...

Sunrise time with Stuey in recliner chair. A morning ritual...he wakes up and comes running to the chair to sit with me and slowly wake up. He shares with me any dreams he had the night before.
The house "To-Do" list I wrote for the kids at the beginning of summer. The kids had to do these things before electronics time in the evening~I'd say it worked about 75% of the time. :)

Its almost a wrap~summer 2016!
Only a few more days before Nora and Stuey walk through the doors of St. Mary's and we fall into a new rhythm of our days and evenings. I can't wait!

Don't get me wrong, its been a beautiful, warm summer. Lots of good memories, but admittedly heart wrenching times as well. I still need more alone time; a function of grief for me. My twin sister has had a lot of alone time this summer and I haven't been shy about telling her how jealous I am.

This summer...

-you'd find Stuey asking "are there spiders on me?" as he squeals with spider fear. This can occur inside, outside, in the car...

-you'd find Nora saying "I want to go back to school. I miss school" She misses the routine and familiarity of school.

-you'd find lots of changes in our house as I have done so much cleaning and re-arranging of artwork

-you'd find me starting up the fire pit to grill outside. How I've loved watching those flames and then cook foil packet marinated mushrooms on the coals. Soul food all the way.

-you'd find Stuey reading tons of Archie comic books. Like over and over again. His reading is taking off!

-you'd find Patrick not batting an eye as I re-arranage furniture, artwork, get my haircut...bless his heart for being with me on this journey of grief.


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