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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Rough Trails for Bikes

This past weekend I was thinking of activities to do outside with the kids.  Drive to Pasagshak? Too far.  Kayaking on the ocean? too windy.  So I asked Nora what she wanted to do.  She replied, 'let's go biking on a trail'.  And so we took the bikes to the old military roads in Swampy Acres and went mountain biking. 

Initially Nora was worried about the 'swampy' part of the Swampy Acres' moniker - until I assured her the roads are solid.  They also wanted to know about hills.  I got the feeling they were worried I was going to take them up Pyramid.

It was the perfect adventure.  Mostly flat with a slight up hill, and then a long downhill in an alder tunnel.  The kids outpaced me on the downhill and I was very happy they had on helmets.  Every once in a while there were little challenging areas of the trail to test their mountain biking skills. And best of all we saw no one.

I think we've found a new weekend activity! 


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