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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Abercrombie Pictograph

 Stuey and I kayaked along the shores of Mill Bay out to Fort Abercrombie on Sunday, and we found a pictograph.  Nothing too exciting, and clearly not Alutiiq in origin.  But I loved seeing it from the kayak.  It reminded me that this is the way that petroglyphs are supposed to be viewed - from the water.

Most of the Alutiiq petroglyphs I've seen are on outcrops overlooking the water.  They are there to be seen by waterborne visitors.  They tell the visitor that the place belongs to whoever pecked the glyph and that the owner possesses some serious magic.

Funnily enough,  I think the graffiti artist who painted the pictograph that we saw was thinking along the same lines.


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