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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Teepee Time and Pickup

With all the hunting activity of the first 2 days we were all a little worried we'd get no 'teepee time' - naps and books by the hot woodstove.  We need not have worried.  Where the first 2 days of our trip had been go, go, go; the last day was all relaxation in camp.

The rain made it's distinctive pitter patter on the tent walls, and when a particularly big gust hit the tent there was that brrrrrtttttt of sil nylon vibrating at high speed.  Gregg said the sound brought him flashbacks to a float trip ten years earlier where we got hit by a particularly nasty storm.

We got the woodstove cranking and cooked up quesadillas on top of it for lunch.  We loaded them with baby bell cheese and a sprinkling of Sriracha powder.  Mmmmmmm.  Later we learned that the woodstove is also good for roasting the garlic cloves that I'd brought from my garden in town.

For dinner we made pasta with morel mushroom's a friend had collected on the Kenei Peninsula, home grown garlic, and Gregg's cabbage filled in as a salad.

But mostly it was all about the nap.  There is nothing quite like a nap in a teepee by a warm woodstove while the rain and wind shake the walls.  Especially when you are all tired out from chasing after and carrying deer.

By evening the storm had died down, and then in the morning we broke down camp in a leisurely fashion.  We piled all our gear down by the lake and after a short wait the plane arrived.  It was time to go back to town.   Patrick

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