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Friday, August 26, 2016

Deer in the afternoon

A moment to ponder - thank you Mister Deer

After taking care of Gregg's deer and eating lunch back in camp, it was time for an afternoon hunt.  By this time there were no deer out and about.  The sun was high in the sky and the landscape was brightly lit.  All the deer were bedded down in the bushes enjoying their afternoon siestas. We also considered foregoing the hunt and just enjoying an afternoon nap beside a lake in the mountains.  It would have been heavenly.  But the weather was supposed to turn sour and so we decided to hunt while the weather was good.

And so up the mountain we went.

We found a bachelor herd up and about butting heads on the lip of a truly frightful cliff.  I put on the stalk while Lisa and Gregg watched from afar.  Right away I ran into 2 fairly large deer, and they just stared at me from their beds less than 100 yards away.  I was tempted to go for the bird in the bush and forego the long stalk.  Gregg later told me that he was watching me through the scope and could see both me and the 2 deer, and saw the moment I decided to continue with the long stalk.

I ended up harvesting a deer in a spectacular location.  On top of a cliff with a very grand view over the bay far, far below.  Patrick

The most gorgeous view from a hunting spot ever - for me

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