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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The 'Drama' Setting

My new camera has a preset setting called 'dramatic' - I just call it the 'drama' setting.  Basically the camera mutes the highlights and increases definition and contrast.  A lot of landscape photographers do this sort of thing routinely, but I have always shied away from the look because it is so obviously a photoshopped effect.  But now that there is a setting on the camera that achieves the look without photoshop I've been having a lot of fun with it.  It adds drama to mundane settings!  Not that traveling with kids is not without its own sort of drama. .. ..

Anyway, check out what the drama setting did to the view from our hotel window (all except for the nighttime picture - third down from top).  These photos were taken sequently from late afternoon through sunset and then the last 2 our from dawn this morning.  And while I was taking them Anchorage experienced a 5.8 earthquake - how's that for drama!

Zoya noticed the shaking first, but I thought the shaking was a result of Stuey running through the room.  But it got pretty obvious it was an earthquake when the TV almost fell off the table.  I looked out the window with Nora and noticed that nobody panicked at the Qdoba Mexican Grill. I was kind of hoping it would keep on going and get REALLY big.  But no, the waitress went back to wiping down the tables.  The earthquake was over.  As far as I was concerned it was NOT enough drama.  When I push the drama button - I want drama!


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