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Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Traditions...

I"ve decided this is the year of new holiday traditions for our family. We have done several new things together, including the light show we went to last night.

This is the second year of the Kodiak light show on Otmeloi and our first time attending. I was BLOWN away by how fun and incredible it was. 

For some reason, when I think of light show, I think of something gaudy and over-the-top. Boy was I wrong! This light show was very artistic and well thought out. We tuned our radios into 88.9 FM, then watched for 45 minutes as different holiday tunes played and the lights danced along with the music. All of us were in awe to watch the magic that was coordinated right before our eyes. 
When we left, there were 5 other cars watching, and people just come and go as they please. Free of charge.  (And I must admit, one of the songs brought me to tears, it was so beautiful. Cheesy to admit, I know, but something about the lights really captured the holiday spirit)

can you see the snowman?

We also did burger grinding last weekend, an annual winter tradition. Lisa, Gregg, Philip and Brooks came over to grind their various meats. The kids and I were at a bowling party for most of the time, which I think made their efforts more efficient.

 This year I made a successful batch of sugar cookies, its been many years since I've tried making them. The cookies  actually came out the shapes they were supposed to; I was blown away.

I used a new recipe and made the dough the night before. After school on Tuesday, we rolled them out, cut them out and baked them. (I was so unsure of my dough that I had  back up Safeway sugar cookie dough in the fridge in case my home made dough didn't work! Fortunately, we didn't have to use it.) The cookies came out great.

Sugar cookie Stuey.

Nora and her friend Estella decorate together. 

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