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Monday, December 10, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree... and new job tomorrow!

Last weekend Patrick cut a tree off our cliff, our annual tradition. 

This tree was  a bit small, and very bare on the backside. It took a lot of propping up with blocks under the tree stand to get it vertical. After some initial skepticism about the small tree, Nora and Stuey really got into it and decorated away. That night, the tree fell over and Patrick and I decided it would be best to get a bigger tree that would be better balanced. Stuey took all the ornaments off last night, wrapped them in their paper wrappers and put them back in the box. Later this week we'll try again with a new tree. 

On another note, tomorrow I start as a contract physical therapist for the Coast Guard Base. I'm very excited, and nervous all at the same time. I haven't had a "first day of work" for over 12 years, when I started working at the hospital. 

Tomorrow I"ll meet my co-workers, support staff, doctors, etc. The job is out of  the physical therapy clinic on base. Tonight I was thinking about which outfit should I wear, and those ridiculous thoughts that run through ones mind on the night before a new job. 
When I was nearing graduation from PT school, I did briefly contemplate going into the military but obviously never did it. It will be exciting to be the physical therapist for the active duty men and women on the coast guard base. 
I'm looking forward to the 15-20 minute drive. By Kodiak standards, thats a commute! I"m rather excited about listening to music, or books on tape. Or just silence. As Patrick calls it, "Decompression time." 

The drive can be a very beautiful one, along the water. 

The kids and I in front of our first-try tree

Stuey and Nora doing decorations all on their own this year!


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