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Friday, December 07, 2012

Snow Drama

Today after work I went cross-country skiing with Lisa M, and as you can see I continued to make good use of the 'drama' setting on my camera.  I love what this setting does!  It makes everything look so .. . ..  well dramatic.  Bleak, Apocalyptic even. The photos I took on the normal setting looked flat, and, well, normal.  But I am a little worried about over-using the 'drama' setting.  Perhaps I should just take all my photos at the normal setting and go for the drama effect in photoshop?

Anyway, Lisa and I had a good ski, and even skiied up the river into the Buskin River canyon.  Whoo Hooo first time I've been able to do that this winter.  Patrick

1 comment:

Aubrey Morrison said...

I like the drama setting!