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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

No more "I Wuv You's" and "Joy to the Wield"

There has been so much I"ve been meaning to write about the last couple of weeks. Its been a bit of a whirlwind, between starting the coast guard base physical therapy job, sending packages off, setting up holiday decorations, holiday events.... but its all been excellent, fun, different. Between winter weather, the light show, christmas decorations, new work location, there has been so many new fun things in our lives with the kids this holiday. 

One thing I"ve been meaning to write about is Stuey's speech impediments. He was evaluated by the speech therapist and I don't know yet if he'll start school speech therapy, but he has been working on sounds along with Nora. For instance, when Nora was working on L, he decided to as well. Now he almost over-accentuates the L's and says, "Bah-lue" for Blue. And his cute "I wuv you's" have officially turned into "I love you", with an exaggeration on the love. Its nice to see the progress. One thing that has been cute is him singing "Joy to the Wield" when we sing Christmas songs together!

I"m really enjoying the coast guard base job. Everyone has been incredibly welcoming and warm. After working on my own with only an office manager for 4 years, working in a big building with other people is a fun change! The time flies. I'm very glad I accepted the position. 

The tree pictured below is our "re-do" tree.. we purchased it from the Kiwanis tree fundraiser. The kids decorated every bit and it makes our house smell nice. (And yes, that is laundry on the table that has been sitting there for a week...sigh...maybe tonight it will get folded!)

Two nights ago was Nora's girl scout pinning ceremony. Nora got lots of new patches for her vest, which she insisted I sew on right away the next day. I am happy to see how much she enjoys the girl scouts meetings and all that they do.  I didn't do girl scouts growing up, so this is all new to me...

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