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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Friends and quotes

Some recent quotes from the kids...

As we sat in the airplane preparing to leave Anchorage, Stuey remarked, "Mom, look at those windmills. They're going so fast!" I looked out the window and said, "there aren't any windmills here, Stuey." 
Stuey replied, "yes there are mom! Right there!" as he pointed to the propellers. 
I said, "Ohhhh. Those are propellers!"
From then on he called them cro-pellers. 

Lars show Stuey his nerf guns - Stuey HEAVEN

With our friends Julie, Ray and Brian to celebrate Julie's birthday!

Enjoying New Zealand Elk

Opening a present...

On the day after I got the "I (Heart) bacon bumpersticker" Nora said, "Mom, I would like a sticker that says I heart mommy." Very sweet.


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