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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pans to Print

Zoya recently printed up some of my pictures on canvas to put on the walls at her new office space.  I also had a few panoramic pictures printed up locally at Printmasters.  They can print on canvas up to 24 inches wide and as long as you want.  These things are HUGE and amazingly affordable.  They look awesome too!  It got me really excited to do more of them.  So for the last few days I have been digging  through all my old panoramic photos looking for more to print.  I even re-stitched a few of them in photoshop.

Here are the ones I came up with - the contenders so to speak.  I am leaning on printing the Alitak beach pan (top), Zoya's picture of the goat, and, possibly, the one of Lake Rosetead at Pasagshak (second from bottom).  I still do need to fix a few blemishes and stitching errors in photoshop before I get them printed.  Patrick


Tim Rast said...

Those are all amazing and a great use of panorama shots. My favourites are the goat and the white landscape above it.

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

I must admit I like the snowy one too - I also like the trees framing fog and water. And today I am leaning towards those 2! I figure I'll wait a week and see which ones end up my favorites before I print anything! Patrick