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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Point & Shoot Macro

Today I took Nora and Stuey on a 'camera safari' to the beach at Fort Abercrombie.  Unfortunately the tide was in - I had hoped that we could take cool underwater pictures in the tidepools.  So we spread and took pictures of different things.  I'll post their pictures tomorrow.  Today I'll post the pictures I took with the 'macro' and 'super macro' focus feature on my new point and shoot.  I found I could take pictures like less than a centimeter away.  But I did have issues keeping everything in the picture in focus.  Kind of cool to see what lichen and moss looks like when you look at it super close!

Stuey called these lichen 'petzals'

When I was taking this pictures the kids both thought it looked like noodles

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