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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nora & Stuey's Safari Photos

Stuey and Nora each have their own obsolete waterproof camera.  Stuey has the 'camera that would not die but that takes terrible pictures' that I replaced after the elk hunt.  Nora has Zoya's old waterproof camera.  That camera really did not deserve to be replaced, but if you give a camera to one kid in the interests of diplomacy you better give the other a kid a camera too. The kids love to take pictures and shoot video, and I think a normal camera would have lasted maybe about a day in their hands.  Those cameras take A LOT of abuse.

Anyway, Yesterday I decided to expand their photo horizons outside of the house, and took the kids to Abercrombie on a photo safari.  I checked out the macro focus setting on my camera and the kids took pictures of various random things with their cameras.  Here is what they came up with.

Stuey's picture of daddy taking a picture of an eroding archaeological site

Stuey's still life of beach kelp - he likes the frame feature on his camera

Nora's used the zoom to take this landscape of the North Sister

Nora documents archaeological site erosion herself

Below are some of their pictures from inside the house that they took during the past month.  They seem to love the various effects and frames that come with the cameras.  I love how they capture the most random moments.  As adults we tend to ignore kids with cameras, but they are taking pictures!  Patrick

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