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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Break

Nora and Stuey love the Christmas break - no school, and mommy and daddy time all the time.  Lots of sledding and skiing.  Thank God it has been nice outside! Can you imagine rain and slop and the kids penned up inside with mommy and daddy 24-7?

Here are some ski photos from the weekend.  On Saturday we went to Swampy Acres while on Sunday and Monday we went to Lake Gertrude at Abercrombie.

  After we had finished skiing on Saturday a bear cub got caught in a hunter's snare in the immediate vicinity and there was a HUGE to do.  Coast Guard Security, irate momma bear, and lots of bystanders. The area has since been closed to XC skiing by the Coast Guard.  I gather the momma bear was NOT pleased that her cub got caught in a trap.  Sadly they ended up shooting the cub, and cited the trapper for a hunting violation (sad for the bears - not the trapper).

The last few days we have been skiing at Abercrombie (more photos to follow).  It is flat and the kids like it because they can go anywhere.  We had races, and played follow the leader.  Stuey demands that I follow him.  Nora has become a pretty good double-poler.  Patrick

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