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Thursday, February 23, 2012

What I see driving to work

I love my drive to work. I am lucky to live in Kodiak, and my commute to work is exactly 7 minutes with virtually no traffic, but best of all are the views out the window. I actually could get to work more quickly if I took a shortcut near where Zoya works but I enjoy seeing the mountains when I go over the hill by the high school (top picture). So I take an extra 30 seconds every day to enjoy the view. It's worth it.

Lately the sun has been coming up before I get to work and I took some extra time this morning to drive out onto the bridge to Near Island and take some pictures of the harbor and downtown. I work in the white building with the green roof on the right side of the second picture from the top.

I think my favorite morning drives are in the dead of winter when there is a full moon setting over Pilar Mountain. That's a photo I've been trying to take for a few years now. I'll post it when i do! Patrick

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