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Monday, February 20, 2012

Hometown Livin': Some Moments you can't escape

My twin sister and I were born and raised here on Kodiak.
And as of last summer, we both live here now. There are definitely moments where I'd like to be more able to hide, mix in with the crowd.
That said, I've come to decide that the benefits of living in my hometown outweigh the negatives. And it is a true art of taking things in stride and keeping a sense of humor. You never know what people will remember from your past! Wow!

Small town Kodiak Quotes heard recently...

By Ella:
A Sports Coach From Our Middle School Days asked,
"Was it you or your sister who cried during the entire "Beaches" movie during the off island 8th grade basketball trip?"
-Ella confessed that it was her. (although it would've been VERY easy to pass that one off as me!!)
Wow. There are some things you just never can escape!

By Me:
Recently after dancing for 3 hours to live music at the Golden Anchor, I saw our appliance repair man at Walmart.

He commented, "Hey Zoya, I saw your sister dancing at the Golden Anchor." I blushed and replied, actually-that was me. Then I paused and asked him, "Well-actually-was she a good dancer or bad dancer? If she was good, it was me. If she was bad, it was Ella."
We got a hearty laugh out of that. I need to play the "twin card" more often in cases like that!


Picture: No, that isn't Kodiak. That is Lake Placid in Upstate NY in the back ground.
Taken during a family reunion sometime in the early 2000's.

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