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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Billy Goat Gruff

Today when I was skate skiing along the rim of the canyon above the headwaters to Buskin Lake, I looked down and saw this guy. I took the bottom picture from a distance and then skiied to a point on the rim where I was only 50 meters or so away from him. We both stood there and stared at each other. I took some pictures and then the camera battery died from the cold. I assumed I got some great pictures, but it turns out the camera was on some low res picture setting. Oh well.

It's funny because yesterday I took a different camera because I thought I might run into the goats (I'd seen their tracks the day before). And then I ended up wanting to take scenic panoramics which that camera does not do well. So today I took the camera that takes better scenic panoramics. And as I left the car I remember thinking, 'now I'll see the goats for sure'.

But bad camera or not - it was VERY cool to have a staring contest with one horned billy goat. He was close enough that I could hear the snow crunching when he took steps. Patrick

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