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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Taking Flight

Today is a blustery, warmer day in kodiak. It was a perfect day for a new mom to take flight into motherhood and birds to take flight along the buskin.

The day started at 2AM for me when I was called to the hospital for my doula client in labor. By 11:30 this am, she gave birth to a baby girl with lots of dark hair. The delivery was with one of my favorite daytime nurses, Andi and our friend "Doctazee" was the attending Doctor (thats what he calls himself on our local snow report online forum). (...And Katelyn-you're my favorite night nurse.)

Being a doula at such a small facility is such a treat;knowing everyone and working with staff that is supportive of doulas. Witnessing and helping with birth is such a transcendental experience for women and for many ways, those with them. I am nearing 50 births as a doula and am continually awed by the process of labor and birth...and watching the strength of women in such a physically and emotionally tough time.

After the birth, I had an fabulous phone conversation with a close girl friend. New ideas and thoughts took flight for us in the 15 minutes we talked. I sat down by the harbor and watched dump trucks dump off loads of snow in the harbor. Truck after truck kept coming. When I was back in a "regular Zoya" mindset, I went home to the kids. I have to make sure I'm 100% "there" when I walk in the house after birth. I have to shift gears and be emotionally prepared for being needed by the kids; after just having given lots emotionally and physically at the hospital. Now that the kids are older, it is easier and less of a transition. Being at birth is an incredible, yet intense experience.

Patrick and I took the kids on a drive to the Buskin Beach, which was incredibly windy. Patrick raced out of the car, got some pictures. On the way out, the clouds parted and I told the kids the sun was like god coming down from the clouds.


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