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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sledding on the Big Hill

Usually the kids are content to go sledding on the tiny little hill in our backyard, but today they wanted something more. And so I decided to take them to the golf course, but when I pulled in to park at the golf course Nora and Stuey starting shouting, 'No, we want to go to the pass'. So to the pass we went - on to the BIG hill.

And it really is a big hill. As I took them up the hill I realized that the hill dwarfs anything I had to sled on when I was a kid. The hills at the pass to Anton Larsen Bay just look small because they themselves are dwarfed by the high mountain peaks all around. But seeing Nora and Stuey going on and on down the hill and getting small in the distance I realized that we were sledding some BIG hills. Stuey and Nora even went over a small, unseen cornice. Now that's big mountain sledding. Patrick

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