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Monday, February 20, 2012

Wabbit Huntin'

I LOVE the President's Day Holiday. I get the day off but the kids still have to go to school/daycare. It is a true holiday - no kids, no work. Ahhhhhhhhhh

Today in honor of Presidents Day I went rabbit hunting with 2 other dads 'home from work but without kid care issues'. It was raining at our house and looked dismal. But once we got out the road it was snowing. Then it stopped snowing and got glorious.

Why is it that rabbit hunting always conjures up images of Elmer Fudd? And we did have our Elmer Fudd moments. Rabbits running here there and everywhere and we just could not seem to get one. At one point Matt and I could see a rabbit just on the other side of a bush from Mike. We could not shoot for fear of hitting Mike ('Dick Cheneying' him) and he could not shoot it because the bush was in the way. This sort of thing happened a lot.

Still we did get 2 rabbits, and that is a meal. Mike will be cooking up his signature 'Nebraska rabbit recipe'.


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