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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A puzzling February

Its 3AM on March 1st. Just got home from a birth and type this while savoring a short stack of chocolate chip cookies dipped in milk. After coming home from birth, it often takes me a good hour or so before I can fall asleep.

Patrick left for Seattle yesterday morning for an Archeology conference. I see he beat me to a blog post during his absence! At 8:30 last night I was called off to be with a first time couple in labor. Thankfully a sitter could come and stay and go to sleep at our house with the kids so I didn't have to call the back up doula. 6 hours later, an adorable baby boy was welcomed into the world.

February left me in a lurch...I"m VERY glad to see it far gone. Some months I"m sad to see go. And occasionally there is a month where I"m ready to move on.
February left me asking, "Really? Are you kidding?" several times to circumstances life presented. I'm typically a "live in the present" gal, but for some reason I"ve been eager to see March. And now its here. With a precious newborn baby boy and two joyous parents.

And with snow. We haven't had fresh snow for a while and as I drove home from the hospital, snow started lightly falling, as forecasted. We are expecting a few inches. Good things happen in March--upcoming ski race, a PT training in Seattle, I will re-connect with a long time girlfriend, Patrick's birthday....significant return of light, beginning of spring skiing later in the month.

So good bye, puzzling February. And heres to new beginnings in March.


Picture; Stuey lately has been doing 200 piece puzzles by himself! He spends 2+ hours working on it and often refuses any help from us. It is great to see his determination with them. Nora enjoys doing them with him as well.

Sunset looking towards Kasheverof Mt. --Patrick took the photo.

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