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Sunday, February 19, 2012

My New Tour of Anchorage Goal

In prior years I've made my goal for the Tour of Anchorage ski race a "time" goal. I always wanted to achieve it within 2:45. And then I never achieve it and I feel like the race defeated me somehow. Silly, I know.

So I'm changing tactics this year. This year my goal is to beat my stepdad, Mike. He is 71 years old and a good cross country skiier. He always beats me in the 25K classic ski race. I told Mike that my goal is to beat him (or come across the finish line at the same time) and the competition is on. We are having great fun with it. He doesn't want me to beat him, and I really want to beat him. It gives training for the race a fun edge...knowing that someone else is training with that purpose!

Today I called to talk to Mike and he was out skiing. Evidently he's even had a couple of cross country ski lessons lately...Hmm...this should be fun!

The race is in 2 weeks.


The past several weeks the cross country skiing here has been bad. However, after a winter of gorgeous snow, I"m not allowed to complain. It has been the nicest winter I can ever remember (and I was born and raised here!).

Picture: taken of Buskin Lake today by Patrick when he went Ptarmigan hunting. Evidently there was good cross country skiing out the road. It was raining in town and I was doing cross training on treadmill and bike.

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