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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Best of Film Ski Pics

This morning I was looking for photos of Womens Bay for my upcoming talk at the Alaska Anthropological Association meetings in Seattle. I am presenting on the Amak site - the site we dug last summer near the head of Womens Bay. I wanted a photo taken from on high that would show the bay and shoreline and show where the site is relative to the sea.

So I went through all my old hunting and ski photos taken while climbing the nearby mountains. I went way back looking for pictures. Unfortunately most of the hunting photos had dead animals in them and the ski photos invariably had someone skiing in them. There were very few straight scenic pictures looking down over Womens Bay. But I did have a good time looking through the old photos.

I also realized that digital cameras have really changed how I take pictures - I take many, many more photos. Also, in the past I only scanned the 'good' photos - so my old photo files prior to 2005 are pretty skimpy. Anyway, I decided to post the 5 best ski photos from the waning days of film. I did not take the bottom 2. John Speer a visiting photographer took those.

Photos: For all the photos that I took here I used my old fixed lens point and shoot Olympus Stylus. John Speer had some serious gear. Top Gregg skiis some April powder off the backside of Heitman - and note Womens Bay in the background - so close to the picture I needed for my talk. Also note that Gregg is dropping a knee - I don't think he has done a tele turn in almost 10 years now. Second photo is of Steve on Sheratin mountain. The snow looks pretty skimpy because it was taken in early november. Third photo is of Gregg near the top of Shishaldin Volcano - that's 9000 feet of vertical below him. The 4rth photo is of me on 4rth of July Peak. Finally the bottom photo is of me leading a group of people up a cornice towards the top of 4rth of July Peak. Patrick


jenny said...

great photos and great light in them!

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Thanks! I think light makes a picture. Patrick