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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Love and Hardship

Valentines Day was a bit crazy here on Cliffside Drive.

The craziness started the day before when Patrick and I noticed Roxy limping quite badly and then noticed blood dripping from her. When we investigated her neck, there was a large chunk of her fur missing...some animal had taken a large bite out of her. We believe it was the horse that is tied up across the street. So on Valentines morning, I took Roxy in to the vet, she underwent surgery.

I went and picked Roxy up after work, and I wasn't prepared for what she looked like. Frankensteins dog was what came to mind.

She has a large incision, with shaved area on her neck and a drain tube that goes from one side, under her skin and out the other. It really is medieval looking. I"m the trained medical professional and supposed to be the one with the solid stomach in these predicaments, but evidently not!

Tonight I had to do as instructed and apply a warm towel to the drain to keep it clear and I had to do some serious deep breaths and tell myself, "I can do this, I can do this" before putting the towel on her. It just looks so painful and horrible. But, I have to remind myself that it is less horrible than it would be if she hadn't had surgery. The vet said she was quite mangled by the horse.

When stuey saw Roxy after surgery, He commented, "Wow, mom. Thats cool! Did you do that?!", as if it were some work of art.
And Nora asked, "Mom, did they sew her up with a sewing machine?". At first I thought she was kidding, but then realized she wasn't. She was serious. She has never seen me sew anything by hand, evidently. Since I am a quilter she has only seen me sew with a machine. Pretty funny the questions kids come up with in such predicaments.

On a more positive valentines note, the kids were very into making hearts and all things lovey-dovey this year, so that was fun. Last night after bringing Roxy home, we trekked out in the sideways blowing slush to deliver rice krispie treats and brownies to the neighbors with a small note that said, "Happy Valentines Day from Cliffside Cupid."

The kids said their faces hurt from being pelted with the sideways slush, and I could hardly blame them. But it was well worth a walk down the road for a few houses.

And with the rain, and slush its been a great time to dance with Stuey and Nora. Stuey has some pretty crazy moves!


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