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Monday, February 27, 2012

April skiing in February

Here on Kodiak we have a lot of snow in the backcountry, and for the past couple of days the crust on top has been solid enough to hold me up on my skate skiis. We had conditions like this back in January too, but back then the snow was not deep enough to cover up all the salmonberries and bushes. Now it is - now you can ski anywhere. Usually we don't get these conditions until late March or April. But not this year - this year we got April skate skiing conditions in february!

Today I started at the golf course and skiied to the headwaters of Elbow Creek that feeds into Sheratin Bay. The top photo is of Pyramid and I took it yesterday while sledding with the kids. The second photo is of Pyramid from afar when I was halfway back home, and that's Buskin Lake way off in the distance on the right (I started at the golf course which is by Buskin Lake). The bottom photo is of the powerline to Terror Lake and the headwaters of Elbow Creek. This is where I turned back. Patrick

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