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Monday, January 09, 2012

The Weight of Snow

Yesterday I discovered there is something about being immersed in cold, blustery nature which helps soften a down mood.

Patrick and I skiied with long time friends, Adelia and Philip, through Swampy Acres; exploring. There were side trails taken, slopes descended and ascended and many branches pushed aside.

Patrick and Philip did most of the trail-breaking through many inches of snow. Snow weighted tree branches down as the noon- sun shone through the tress.

To break trail our skis sank way down and we had to lift it back up with with the weight of snow on it. The going was slow, but powerful. I broke trail for only a few minutes at the end and was in better appreciation of what work it took for Patrick and Philip up ahead.

Adelia, a lifelong Kodiak friend, and myself skiied along in conversation as well as in quiet, listening to the guys talk ahead and to the wind through the forest.

Today my muscles remind me how much work it was to trek through the woods and across Lake Genevieve. And my spirit reminds me how good skiing is for my soul.


All taken by Philip Tschersich.
-Zoya, Patrick and Adelia heading back along Lake Genevieve.
-Adelia (right) and myself.
-Patrick forging the way.
-Adelia and I myself go across a small hillside.
-Patrick, myself and Adelia almost to the finish...
-Wind Gust on Lake Genevieve with Barometer behind us.

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