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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Family Ski Outing~ Ski poles as Weapons

Yesterday morning Patrick and I went to Lake Gertrude for a great ski on lots of fresh snow (see bottom photos). In the afternoon we took the kids out to try out the trail we carved out (see top photos).

A few notable moments:
-Earlier on in the ski I asked Patrick, "I'm amazed there aren't more parents with young kids out here." By the end of the trip, I better understood the answer.
-The kids skiied 1/2 way around the perimeter of the lake on the trail Patrick and I carved out from earlier in the day. Their determination surprised us.
-I had a "woo-hoo!!" parenting moment as we started across the lake and the kids didn't need any help from us. And we were all having a fun time. This was a moment I've been excited to have happen since we had the Patrick and I both love skiing.
-The kids discovered Ski poles make great self-defense tools. During several moments, the kids would turn into a pile of hitting skis and poles on the ground. Patrick and I were at a loss. Sibling love. Nora was pretty aggressive with her skis...We would have to step in break the cat fights up.
-Stuey can't handle being last. Ever. If one of us inched in front of him, he freaks out. He has some very competitive genes at play...Patrick and I disagree as to whose side of the family it comes from.
-At the end of the day, Patrick and I agreed the ski was a success by all measures. A few cat fights, some good distance on the the end Nora had ditched the poles and was kicking and gliding her way back to the car.


Nora on the lake.
Stuey and Nora fighting.
Yeah! Kids are able to ski around the lake!
Patrick and I earlier in the day carving out the trail on the lake.

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